The start of Silvia’s journey in her studies and interests, led to her degree in clinical psychology in 2002, specializing in psychotherapy 2007.

She has been working as a freelance psychotherapist since 2005.

Since then she has been widening her professional horizons in Hypnosis&NLP.

Currently, she is using these tecniques in both  clinical and artistic fields bringing her to the realization of a uniquely personal route of interior experimentation with the help of painting and artistic performance, under hypnosis.

Artistic and research activities take place at a level of fluctuating attention brought about of by hypnotic techniques, in which a state of deep relaxation can be reached within a Quantic vision of Reality – “Energy”.

The lightening of mental tension allows us to approach real internal psycho-emotive chaos in a more instinctive inconscious way. This allows the conscious mind to have a direct and deep dialogue with our shadow mind, the unconscious, which is extrapolated and projected in a clear way, thanks to the physical acts of painting or performance, by means of Sign – Symbols, as defined by Silvia as Quantum packages – “Energy”.

The subtle, invisible realms within and without us are made visible by means of these evoluted messages extrapolated from her artistic works.

All of this renders space for the development of a newly-evolved understanding.

2013 Trasformazioni presso Nuovo CAF – Terni

2014 Mostra a cura di Mauro Salvi – Todi

2015 Richard Wagner, azioni con memorie Silos – Venezia

2015 Feeling with Todi a cura di Nicola De Alexandris ­- Todi

2016 True colors-art call  al Nuovo CAF – Terni

2016 Cittadelladell’ARTE a cura di Franco Profili – Avigliano Umbro

2016 Danze Aliene, a cura di Franci Profili presso Arte&Decò- Terni

2016 Festival internazional Art, presso Palazzo storico dei Principi Turrisi Grifeo di Partanna, Via Grande – Catania

2017 Panorama Italiano a cura di Gianfranco Labrosciano, presso Chiesa San Savero al Pendino –  Napoli

2017 A Quantum Experience#1, presso Padiglione la Serpara – Civitella d’Agliano

2017 I contemporanei, presso Ipso Arts Gallery – Perugia

2017 Panorama Italiano, a cura di Gianfranco Labrosciano, presso Museo di Palazzo Doria Pamphilj – Valmontone

2017  Il tempo dell’arte, a cura di Luigi Polillo, presso palazzo della cultura – Cosenza