Dr. Silvia Piconi took her degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Institutional Clinical Psychology at the University “La Sapienza”, Rome.

She did her “Tirocinio” (practical work experience) under Prof. Vezio Ruggeri of  Clinical Psychophisiological studies, at “La Sapienza”, Rome.

This experience has allowed Dr. Silvia Piconi to pay deep attention to individual psychophysiological aspects in an integrated vision, which she has never abandoned in her clinical professional training.

Member of the order of Psychologists in 25/06/2004. “Ordine degli psicologi dell’Umbria” (N. 624) and as Psychoterapist in 08/07/2008.

In 2007 she obtained a specialization in Psychotherapy  at ITR (Istituto di Terapia Relazionale Integrata).

This institution pays great attention to an integrated work model, in which the subject under observation  and treatment  is  an individual, with a family, and therapists,  as well as to the various social contexts of the patient, thus treating psychopathology through a vision which connects the relational system with the intrapsychic system.

She took her DCA (Eating Behavior Disorder) Masters at II level , integrated treatment  of psychogenic eating disorders, at Sant’Andrea Hospital, Rome.

She is the co-founder of Studio Psychè,  Psychology and psychotherapy center in Terni.

Since 2013 she has been developing her techniques of hypnotism through her participation in the “Past life regression therapy”, International Workshop in Rome with Brian Weiss.

Subsequently, she obtained  her certificate in Hypnosis “O.H.T.C.” Omnia Hypnosis Training Center, with Prof. Bozidar Grilc- Slovenia, a branch of the Gerald F. Kein, of Florida.

She undertook a seminary in Analogical Hypnosis, at the Istituto CID CNV with Stefano Benemeglio, Milan.

She has held the title Professional  Master  PNL3&Hypnosis – Counselor Hypnoterapist since 2016, at NLP International/ISI CNV, partnership with Università Europèenne, with Marco Paret, at Rome, Milan and Nice.

She is currently involved in conferences and training courses.

Professional Experience

Dr. Silvia Piconi’s deep concern for her studies both from a technical and clinical point of view have granted her practical experience in diverse fields during her postgraduate and specialist years in various centers souch as :

  • Cattedra di psicofisiologia clinica presso il Professore Vezio Ruggeri, “La Sapienza”,
  • Neuropsichiatria infantile di Terni USL Umbria 2 Terni, presso la Dott.ssa Wilma Brogi.
  • Centro di salute mentale di Narni nel servizio di Terapia Familiare del Dr. Masci .
  • Bambino Gesù di Roma presso il Professore Montecchi
  • Ospedale Umberto I di Roma presso il Professore Loriedo.

She has been working privately as a psychotherapist, since 2005.

Collaboration with ACTL, with Child Neuropsychiatry in Terni – Italy.

She founded “Studi Psiché” with colleagues in 2011. Here, clinical work is undertaken with attention to an integrated work model  leading to a relational and intrapsychical treatment of the problem.

She was  a member of the AUPI (Associazione Nazionale degli psicologi Italia dell’Umbria), between 2011 and 2014.

More recently she has dedicated herself to detailed training in the word of Hypnotic Techniques and PNL3 as previously mentioned. She is currently applying these methodologies, aimed at research into human development and potential well-being.

She has been a participant of the world congress of Hypnosis since 2017  in Rome.

She is an active member in conferences and training courses.


Sogni Reali” 2018


Italian mother tongue

Good Knowledge of English

Dr. Silvia Piconi is currenty carrying out her activities in Terni and receives patients at her studio Psychè, Via delle Portelle, 23 (Terni).

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