According to Silvia,  mental functions are based upon a curiosity  cultivated since her childhood. At High School, she came out with phrases such as : “ … our life is the hands of our thoughts, which decide to make us well or unwell. We  can’t always deal with them and quite often our body is the victim …”.

These few lines are to introduce Silvia’s professional development, a journey through the exploration of the psyche and its power. Her degree is in clinical psychology with a specialization in psychotherapy.

Following this, her course of study was attracted by the invisible worlds of the unconscious, which led to her Masters in hypnosis and PNL, both in Italy and abroad.

Following ten years of study and clinical experience, she took an internal mental trip, aimed at getting in touch with innate primordial resource, such as  Intuition and Creativity, trough specific techniques of self-hypnosis.

Commitment, passion, constancy, determination and professionalism have allowed her to create the model of her work, Intuito Creativo, both in clinical and artistic fields.

Silvia applies psychotherapeutic procedures on a daily basis, both to herself and to her  patients, a real research trip towards the rediscovery of our original Self, which is often obscured by false schemes of reality, as well as self-imposed boundaries resulting from socio-historic and education processes.

By means of the imposition of a self-aware connection, we are open to a flexible curiosity about the infinity of our individual mental potential, as well as our capacity and life-missions.

This internal journey has allowed Silvia to reach a new knowledge of her own life-story, triggering psychic processes, which take form as Sign-Symbols. The World of performing art, painting and artistic photography, can be transcribed by  such manual and physical action.

These Sign-Symbols are real and proper guiding messages which contain a vast range of possible decodifications aimed at providing us with evolutive knowledge of own self, also in terms of energy.

“ … we must know How to seize our own intuitions bravely, and then transform them into reality …”

Silvia Piconi, Living Dreams